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The mildly venomous aspect of the Western Hognose is actually an ongoing debate.
Some say they are and some say they are not. We will never know for sure until the powers to be will actually do a scientific testing on their saliva to prove either or.
As for a pet they are awesome!!! I found the only time mine was aggresive was when he was hungry and that was it.
Remember they like the drier enviroment (we learnt this the hard way no comment there please I am still not over that one). They are very susceptible to respitory infections and you do not know that they are showing any signs or symptoms until they actually croak because they will feed right to the end. Water and mist them only once a week. They love to burrow so a shallow sand substrate works great with a few decorative pieces of rocks for shedding purposes.
Have fun go get one and enjoy this beautiful creature.
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