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Burms are a hardy species which makes them good for novice owners. But the size and their escape abilities makes them more difficult. There deffinately is a dilema there.
Some pet stores are good and try and deter people from purchasing such huge snakes as a first time experience but unfortunately not all. That is where we get all of the lovely horror stories.
We got our first burm 8 years ago. Unfortunate story. When we went to pick it up we found it laying in a corner in a barn! The previous owner was keeping it in the barn in a bath tub covered with a grate. Back then we were novice snake owners as well but we definately did not keep it in a bath tub lol.
I was pregnant at the time and after watching her eat a rabbit I started to have night mares that it was going to get out and eat our baby. ( Not a very nice dream btw ). We traded it for an Iguana with some people that we knew was going to take good care of it. Now looking back even though we did give the burm a better home than a bath tub in a barn we still did not give the animal a proper home.
This happens to everybody in the beginning and starting out. Heck we still make mistakes.
So whether or not it is a novice owner or an experienced owner I think we are back to the same diagnosis the solution to the issue is KNOWELDGE. It is up to the people who know what they are doing to make sure that the people who are just starting out LEARN what they are doing and what they are in for.
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