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I must have some photos of them and set up, but I didnít find them, I use to keep them exactly like my diamond backs, year round and same water.
Winter the water was about 65f and 80f in summer, the shelf you see on this photo was covered with 1-2in of water and had a 25watt basking light, they whoíd bask there frequently and use this shallow to catch fish, the temperature at this basking site was about 90f year round. I never used substrata but regularly dropped aquarium plants in there, at times I use plastic plants, and these guys are kind of hard on plants. Filtration was fluvial 203 fixed as to generate minimum currant. 2 of my snake developed chronic prolapsed when defecating, I tot this to be associated with heavy feeding of rodents, perhaps these animals have slower metabolism similar to emerald boas, or maybe they just donít have the ability to digest mammalians prey, never hade any problems feeding fish or frogs, minnows where favoured over many fish but produced foul smelling stools.
My first pair developed skin fungus when kept in fresh water, this fungus is fist noticed around eyes and nostril. This first pair was maintained at 88-92f I think this is why they died. At that time there was close to no information on this specie and I donít think you will find much on them now, this why aim trying to remember everything about them, if it can help you in anyway. Someone told me they whoíd eat falling chicks, also a dealer from Jakarta warned us that his employee had a swollen hand for several days after a bite, witch created a panic at the shop and to ad to this a water monitor was fond dead the next day after receiving a bite, so was it the snake? Nobody really knows but we never freely handled them ever since. As I reread this post I realise this isnít much information, aim sorry I wish I could help more, these where not my cup of tea, they where boring to keep for a then young herper, only now do I realise there uniqueness and perhaps see them in a different way.
Good luck with them and hopefully you will be the first to really breed them, as I know itís never been don. Pleas keep me informed.
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Herpetoculture isnít an exact science!!
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