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Thank you very much. I have not read anything to indicate that they are venomous. They have been referred to as a link between ancient snakes and colubrids. THey are live bearing. These were born on April 19th (my birthday ) The female is approx 6 feet and dropped 18 babies. She was imported gravid. The young were sexually dimorphic in their patterns. The females were spotted and the males all had distinct stripes running latterally.

They are currently in a quarentine tank at about 77 degrees with some decoration to hide in and hold on to. I added some salt as well, but not enought o make it brackish. The new tank is set up with a sand substrate, multiple dense foliage, sticks and a cave. There are several "stups" coming out of the water and the top of the cave for them to climb out if they are so inclined (young MAY do this I read). A Whisper filter is installed to minimize stress from vibrations with a rockunder the flow to minimize current. I set it up sot hat the ambiant water temp is at about 81. I am now dropping the temps to match the temp tank and will raise them again and the salt content once the snakes are there so it is a seamless transition for them. After the temp and salt content are satisfactory, I will raise the PH in the water.

We'll just see how it goes form here.

*crossing fingers*
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