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Hello I wont be of much help, but aim more then willing to share what I know about them, I kept a total of 6 of them, my first experience was with a pair of adults, they never feed and died within a few months, then I got 2 babies of the banded phase (donít know if itís the same species?) they took gold fish and frogs, I kept them a full year in brackish water, then sold them. The last time I got a pair was semi adults of the regular phase, they took months before they started feeding on frogs and minnows, they whoíd also accept dead rodents but apparently not floating just when sink to bottom, much like scavengers feeding on decaying prey.
I never read about them, but I do have a theory about there breeding, I presume them to be live barriers and annual breeders, there breeding may be timed with the rain season (monsoon) when water ph becomes more alkaline, providing a friendlier environment for new babies witch can also be true for a number of prey items.
I came to this idea studying ways to breed the fly river turtles, hopefully this helps you, they are bizarre snakes I especially find them weird when picked out of water, there just spaghetti but in water they can strike very fast, one thing I never new are they venomous? I must have handled 50 adults freely.
Herpetoculture isnít an exact science!!
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