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Originally posted by Youkai
Don't beat yourself up too badly. Cresteds are different from many other comony kept herps in one way...
If you go with cresties again (and I hope you do!) I have a suggestion. With crested geckos, cooler is usually better. They are tolerant of cool temperatures for short periods of time, but not warmer temps.
That's not normally the way most people think when it comes to their reptiles. Too cool = problems for the most part.
Thanks, Brian, is it? I definately want to try it again, but not till the basement is ready! After talking to a friend of mine, I am feeling a bit better. I know accidents happen but it just made me mad that it was my accident. This was my first deadly screw up in my 3 years with herps and my first 2 losses. I've learned my lesson, not to be so careless next time!
Thanks again, for making me feel a little bit better.
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