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Unhappy Sad, sad news.

I had a very busy day yesterday because I had a doc appointment and a confermation to attend in the evening after work. So at lunch I decided I would feed all the beardies their last meal because I new I wouldn't get back to the herp room before 9pm. When I went in the herp room it was a little over 100 degrees and I opened a window but not having much time I didn't think to remove my crestie from the room. I gave the cage a quick spray and left to go back to work. Like I suspected the next time I got into the room was a little after 9pm to I started by feeding all my baby geckos and found my new hatchling That was due to shed had died. It was born with a disfigured back bone at the base of the tail making the tail go off crocked. I really wanted this little girl to live! she was so cute. Then I went to feed my crestie and I found him on the bottom of his cage dead as well. This was not a defect, this was most likely my own fault. I left the poor thing in the herp room and it was 100.8 degrees in there at noon. I am so mad at myself right now I could scream! I wasn't going to even put him in the herp room but a friend of mine said the babies like it warmer and since the rest of the house was around 70-73 I decided to put him in there because it was staying at a constant 85. But then with the weather we got Sunday and Monday and somehow the door to the herp room ended up getting closed and it is always left open. And the temperature climaxed. I am so mad at myself. If I would have taken a few seconds to remove him at noon. He was still in the trees when I sprayed him. I didn't get a good look but I assumed he was fine. I just don't know what happened other than the heat. He seamed quite healthy and happy, I had just had him out on Sunday and was taking pictures of him, he was very active.
Sorry this is so long, just had to vent and get this all out, and let everyone know that I am mad at myself right now so don't mind me if I sound grumpy.
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