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Starting Herp Society

Since I am a newbie to the forums I will jump right in and start a new thread.
I recently moved to Northern Idaho from Denver, Colorado. The problem (or challenge) is that there are no herp related shops up here. In view of that I am interested in finding out if there is sufficient interest, in this area of the country, to start a Herp Society.

Has anyone had any experience in what would be the best way to shake the bushes to find out if there is enough interest to start a Herp Society and then the mechanics of forming one?

I am not a complete new comer to snake keeping but in Denver I always had someone more knowledgable than I to consult. Up here, I am on my own. I don't even think that there are any Vets that treat sick herps. I have had no experience in sexing snakes and this will be something I will have to learn on my own by reading and looking on pictures.

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