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File Snake (not a Colubrid, not Hot, where does it go?)

Here are my two newest babies, 1.1 Java File Snakes (Elephant Trunk Snakes or Java Wart Snakes) - Achrocordis javinicus (I think). THese guys are fully aquatic, have NO ventral scales, have flaps over their nostrils and epiglottis (to prevent water from coming in). Obviously fish eaters and reach over 6 feet in lenght (descriptions are conflicting). Not much is known about this species. And captive are info is precisous little. They are captive born (among the first int he US as far as I can tell). One of them took a fish for me tongiht, though i do not which one, just one less fish in there. This is temp housing, their new enclosure is "settling". Since ther is not much info, much of it is "hear say" and I am trying my best.

THis is what they will have:
4 gallons of water in a 10 gallong (for now)
Sand substrate
Lots of hides
water slightly acidic and about 2 tblsespoons of aquarium salt
Slightly acidic PH
Filtration and earation (even though they breathe air)
Water temp at about 80 F
No bright light

If anyone has kept this species and has some tips, please share.

Anyway, excuse the quality of the pics, but it is an old digital through water and had to take some lightening with PS. Maybe Julius will come by to get some Pro Pics

I planted some bird seed. A bird came up. Now I don't know what to feed it.
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