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first off all the "steve erwin rocks", sucks or whatever without another comment on your veiws really needs to stop. secondly the bans on reptiles BW speaks of are real and imanant if we dont act I have tryed and still do I formed the KRRC Keepers for Responceable Reptile Care I have nagged at pet shops about their care and as much as I try I have only found one pet shop out of 10 or so in my area worthy of keeping these animals. being 15 it is tough for me to go everware preaching about my choosen pets one time in a math class I'm in we were doing persents and we did a poll to pass as pets" out of 20 or so people I think 5 said no. wile this might not represnt a large number of people I think or, I wouldent be supprised to find that a state or nation wide poll would look painfully simmalar. at this point I'm out of ideas about what I can do intill I can get I car I cant get out to do educational programs and b*cthing at the pet stores only gets me out of breath and wastes time store managers would most likely spend on the mammals anyways..

P.S. sorry it was off topic to some extent. and please excuse the spelling.
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