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French Toast

Well I got to thinking about French Toast (by the way I love to cook and I do ok at it some times)I have a really good recipie for French Toast it is a bit unique in western culture but it is very good I think.The pan is the most important part of the whole endeavour,you must clean the pan after every piece of French Toast is finished or you will not get the proper flavour of this recipie(I can't stress enough you must clean your pan when doing this French Toast recipie)Prepare your eggs as you normally would(beaten with a touch of milk or pure cream just a pinch of salt) Now you can use what ever bread you prefer,I find bran to be very good for this(high in fiber).Here is were we get a bit different ,We are going to use real butter to fry the French Toast, the butter is prepared beforehand.

The butter is placed in a seperate pan and warmed under low heat.You need fresh Ginger root for this peel dice and add about one ounce of ginger root for every 1/4 pound of real butter cook slowly for 10 mins or so under low heat(do not burn the butter)Once finished remove the ginger root by straning the liquid butter.Now you have a ginger flavoured butter to cook with.
Cook your french Toast in this butter being carefull not to burn the butter.The French Toast will brown very nicely at moderate heat.Shred some cheese of your choice to put between two slices and use maple suryup or what ever you prefer as a topping(I find apricot preserves to be nice and light and just right with the ginger)

Now if you are worried about fat and colesterol and calories do not do this stick to what you do now.I cannot stress enough you must clean your french toast pan or after each slice (to prevent burnt taste on the next piece) just use a paper towel to wipe but clean that pan.

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