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One of the biggest things in life that bothers me is people just doing things for the money. For example a guy who has no clue what an engineer does wants to be an engineer because you can make big $$$. Say he gets to be an engineer and finds out he hates it. WOw what a waste. I am not saying you are wasting your money on a teaching degree. I say do what makes you happy. You have something inside of you wanting to go into zoology so then go do it. Remember you only get one life and one chance to get it right. I have a drem to be a pilot and I've had millions of people tell me there's no jobs there and you can't make it. I held my head up high and I'm going to an aviation academy starting this September. If you put your mind to it you can do whatever you want. ummmm I am running out of things to say. hehe REACH FOR THE STARS. Do what makes you happy.
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