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elementary school would be my first lead. Although your love for animals does hold strong above the school teacher thing, it wont be as promising at job hunting. You do have to remember that most herpers have 'normal' day jobs, executives, bar tenders, bank clerks, hairdressers, office administrators, etc,... Having a school teaching job as a career should not stop you from your love for animals. On the could spend half your teaching days outside teaching nature stuff, something most teachers couldn't give two hoots about. You could also do presentations to schools being a teacher on herps and animals you have. Would be a good teaching aid.....and give you all the pleasure of working with animals that you love. You could also major in teaching and do a follow up in animal sciences, which you could teach biology or likeness in colleges etc,....
Just my two cents, but I think you better think about this and do what your heart tells you. Only you will know what you want to do. We can only tell you what we think you could and should do.
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