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I need advice from friends...

Ok, here's my problem. Nick and I live in Maine, which some of you might know is a very large state with a pretty low population, and there isn't much to see and do up here. We are wildlife enthusiasts, however, and have decided to settle down here for good, buy some land, and raise a crop of kids and pets. Our original plan had been to move to California, where I was going to get a degree in Zoology and work at one of the many zoos or aquariums. There aren't any zoos or aquariums in Maine, so I settled for Elementary Education instead. Now that my first year of school is ending and I will be starting as a Education major next year...I'm not so happy with my choice. Leaving Maine isn't really an option,'s the question:

Should I damn the torpedos, major in Zoology and Wildlife Ecology, and hope I get a job after school? Should I stick with Elementary Education, which will definitely lead to a solid job, and always wonder if I would have been really happy if I had pursued my love of zoology? Should I force Nick to choose between me and the state he wants to call home? If I do choose Zoology, will I ever find work, will it involve travel, and if it does (which sounds very appealing) will I have to give up all my pets in order to be able to leave home for extended periods of time? Will Nick even let me travel?

I have a headache now. *sniffle* If anyone here has any insight on this....I need to hear some clear-headed opinions!

- Victoria
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