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Hi i just wanted to tell you all about a reptile Program a few of us started at local Vet clinics we asked if we could put a jar at the counter of each vet clinic to make money to help hurt reptile's that people bring in and dont want to pay alot to have them fixed up and then we find the fixed up reptiles new home's.
Well we started this program about 2 months ago and about 2 weeks ago someone found out that snakes and tape dont mix
their corn snake had got stuck on some duct tape that they used to hold down their screen lid it riped the skin on the little guy pretty bad and the owner's did not want to pay to have im fixed up for a chance to stay alive they rather take it home and take their chances well the girl told the owners about this little program we had started and they agreed to give it up for adoption and their was enough money in the jar we left to give the little corn a chance.
well today the snake is doing alot better and has new skin coming in and someone has gave him a new home today and has signed a contract to bring the snake back every 2 weeks for a up date on his progress.

i just thought i would share this with you
sorry about the spelling

P.S this program is for really all pet's put most people would rather not pay money out to reptile's unlike all of us on this site
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