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All joking aside, there needs to be a compromise. Lets look at this from a deeper angle, shall we? What is Love? I know it is different to everyone and each has thier own interpretation, but to me, it means to care for someone deeply, and to accept all that they were, are, and are going to be. I don't think that the issue here is how to deal with this problem--it goes much deeper.

If she TRULY loves you, then she will realize how much reptiles mean to you, and how much they are a part of your life. By taking away your reptiles, she would be taking away a part of YOU as well, and that is definitely not love! Lets say that you did get rid of them--how happy would you be? You would feel as though a part of you has died--and you would hold her responsible. That is no way to live a life, or a marriage.

With every committment, there comes a time when people have to make changes. You can only change one person in your life, and that is you. You cannot make anyone change!! My wife is not thrilled at my passion, yet she TOLERATES it because she knows how it makes me happy, and the joy I receive from them. It took a long time, but she is now comfortable with them. Point is, she loved me enough to accept that part of my life. There are things that she does and has that I do not like, but it is what makes her her, the woman I fell in love with. I wouldn't change anything for the world!!
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