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With love comes compromise. True love has no boundaries. To love whole-heartedly means to never ask the other person to change who they are. If you choose her over reptiles, you'll always despise that, no matter how much you love her. If you choose reptiles over love, you'll always regret not holding onto true love. When Tim and I met, I had no idea what a life with reptiles would be like. I was creeped out and couldn't understand why anyone would keep them. I refused to put my hand into that stinky cricket bin to feed the reps. But then I discovered my own passion-leopard geckos. Perhaps your love interest just hasn't met the right reptile yet? Ask her to just try being around different kinds of reptiles. Maybe she will find that she actually likes some of them! Or she could compromise by just having a reptile room that she doesn't have to go into. Always remember to compromise, this is what true love should always be.
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