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Itís a woman thing donít fall for this!

Woman they always get to us! My wife says all I think about are animals! I donít think so! No not me! First let me say we cant be held responsible for all of natures little advantage we have, we are gifted, for instance all we need to do is stop the car on the side road and do our thing, we can write our names in the snow while we do our thing! not the missies they have to thrown! And need all the comfort they must have. I donít have a problem with that not at all, I am very comprehensive about your weaknesses, but do you have to turn the rest room into a darn library, I mean every where I go I see vanity fair , gardening decoration and all kinds of woman literature! In the rest room.
Unfortunately we menís are being unconsciously conditioned to spend hours to thrown, and reading such magazines, I think are giving us subliminal messages.
Ha ah how did I know? Well I almost fell victim to this plot, last week my wife asked to repaint the house with all kinds of colors and decorations, and to my surprise I agreed to here, then she commented me about how nice I was and bla bla, its only yesterday when I worked all day in the woods that I came to my sense, and realised this conspiracy, for a few hour just looking at the bathroom door gave me goose bumps! But being the man I am, I took the bull by the horns and rectified the situation pronto!
Now you will find 50% reptiles magazines in my bath room! I bet you very soon she will agree to a vivarium in the living room.
Just for fun!
Herpetoculture isnít an exact science!!
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