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I own toads, and the tendancy is that people ask me, let them go, you didn't pay for them... my experience with these american toads was direct from start, from the egg, to what i have now, even though they didn't cost me an arm and a leg i chose to give them a good life. people shuldn't base herps on size or cost, because to come down to the bear facts, we chose to keep them for their beuty, uniqueness and to give them life. I dunno why i rambled on like this, but i read two posts above sayin' somethin' about being called a newb cause people dont own retics etc/ et/c i totally agree with ya like i said, i put onnes of time and a fair bit of money into enclosures and pets, and its not about how much you paid for the animal...

just my 50 cent
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