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I did the same with this one Vic 2 years ago and with what I have spent on it since then I could have 7-8 8250 now or a $hit load of Boa's .I got the 4 year best warranty they have too cause If it has probls like this one they fix it (Like I am gonna fix this one with my hammer and let out some rage on the nasty crasher)I am throught screwing with computers from now on cause it always costs me more in the long haul to do it my self.I got a really good deal Vic (that is why I got it ) I am very excited though sorry if I Pi$$ed you off and I am 230 lbs (thats like 20 stone or so is it?)
So please call me you bragging Fat B*&$%^)D if you would be so kind LOL OH did I mention Vic I got the 128MB DDR ATI RADEON 9700 PRO W/TV-OUT. So now if I do not eat more than once a day and only have one half a pint every 3 days I should be able to pay the bills.Good having fun with you Vic Cheers

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