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I keep all my snakes together for the first year it is easyer and I can observe them alot and see what they do hide more climb more like basking in difrent places so I can custom build a cage for each one then I keep the male in a cage slightly smaler then the female so when breeding time comes around the male will be all over the femals cage and get her reved up and I leave them like that for a week and cross my fingers and hope for the best.

My regulars will only breed once thow cause there is to many regulars in rescues but i need the cash to be able to get the more $$$ demanding animals if I had money I would get a albino dwarf retic from the get go but i dont so i need to start from the botem like every one eles but will never breed burms of any sort other then lab and albino lab cause there is not alot in canada.
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