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Cool hey what is your interest

what is everybodys favorite larg reptile? I am only into snakes and veranids I love crocodilians but I have no room to house the larger species so I stick with larg constrictors witch are a bit easier to deal with. So any way hook me up with some pic's and your oppinions or advice on the animal you choose I know a few things about a few animals but the best of the best will alwase say they know nothing so I only know what works with the animals I have and I would like to here your tricks and tips that you us for your animals.

I have
2 boas
1 leo gecko (snake lady's)
and 2 retic's on there way

This is not a thread to tell me not to get these animals. I have had a pasion for these animals all my life all I do is look at other ppl's animals and at books. I am 20 and I dont want to die B4 my animals do. So I am starting my collection now and most of my stock will be babys or first year juvaniels.
I am reciving my retics and then envesting in there Adult cages witch will be ready in 2-4 monts my brother in law is a mill-right so all my construction stuff is all free all I need to do is get the material. Plus I am including 2 cage setup's for my future rock python pair that I will start looking for at the end of the summer and that will be all for the first year but after that I dont know what to get next so i want to get oppinions and start planing my cage set up's I might get a pair of nile's but lets see what you can send my way(pic's).

Thanx for reading.
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