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My girlfriend moved in with me about 4 months ago and she had always wanted a snake but was never allowed to have one. For her birthday, this last May, we went to the pet store and came out with a snake (striped Cal King) and all the goodies (tank, heater, light hides etc.) Granted we knew little about the care of snakes but we had a good talk with the guy at the store who owns a few himself. We had enough info to get started but that's not enough. I started to research the Internet while it's been slow at work. Now I spend up to 4 hours some days reading and posting on snake forums and web pages.

We plan to get another snake sometime soon (most likely another king or a milk) and a ball python when we move out of our basement suit. We have aspirations of buying an acreage and getting into snake breeding someday. This truly is an addictive "hobby".
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