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but heck its the reptile industry; everybody has their own techniques they claim are the best.
But we are not talking about a Corn Snake and we are not talking about husbandry. These are deadly animals. It is like someone doing a show about guns and everytime staring down the barrel and pulling thrigger while saying "I am a professional and have done it this way for years, but don't try this at home".

Who cares if he stages his finds or not
I agree.

But I submit: For those who think that beacause he has been handling that way for years or that his methods are OK........ I want to see WHO has workied with these snakes. Who has worked with Mambas, Taipans, Spitters? Who has had a Boomer steal a hook?

And I will even get a little butal here. This is not meant to offend anyone in particular, although it probably will. Those who condone his handing, are dooming us all. He is going to be a contributing factor the the BAN of all reptiles as pets. The HSUS, API, and PETA are drooling over this issue waiting for it to become enought o build a case against. EVERY YEAR the HSUS proposes a bill to Congress to BAN ALL herps in the U.S. And it is near getting passed! All they need is a few people getting bit by ratters and saying "But Steve Irwin did it" to get it through. I don't think most realize how much it effects all of us. Noone seems to see the big picture. I help firght legislation, ignorance and ophidiophobia every day. What do you do to preserve our hobby and our passion? Believe it ornot, keeping herps is a RIGHT, not a priviledge. And it CAN and WILL be taken away! Unless we pose to the world that what the select few that makes the news is NOT how we all are. We need tos tand as one and say "NO! We are NOT liek Croc Hunter just because we keep snakes (or venomous snakes)! We DO NOT practice haphazard and dangerous handling practices! We DO NOT condone how he works with them!" WE HAVE NO ACTIVISTS on our side. But outr enemies (Humane Society, PETA, and API) have thousand of people and a mound of money. Despite how safe you think you are, you are not. If yo thinkthat "I only breed ball pythons or leopard geckos, what one man does is not my concern and it does not effect me". then you are living in a dream world. EVERYTHING that ANY herp keeper does reflects on us all (sadly). The sands are running out in the herp hourglass, and unless we start to police ourselves, the the government will police us, and that will be a complete BAN! And I for one will be an outlaw. They can pry my snakes from my cold, dead hands!

This is not a simple issue, and it is not all Steve's fault. But it must be acknowledged that he is a piece of the puzzle. I would never doubt his intentions or his contributions. But with fame comes responsibility. He has yet to realize that. We are at WAR people. We are at war to preserve our hobby and the right to keep the animals we love. Ignorance and misinformation will be the death of this hobby. If you doubt anything I said, look it up. it is all in their agendas and Congress records. And for those who don't know: HSUS = Humane Society of the United States, API = Animal Protection Institute, and PETA = People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Boy those all sound pretty noble...... and they are.... AS LONG AS IT IS A MAMMAL!

i'm done.
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