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I didn't read all the posts here, to many. lol. but just wanted to throw in my 2 cents.
I love Steve and all the work he has done. I have noticed that Terri doesn't handle the hots like Steve does. This is probably because Steve has been doing it since he was a very young boy with his father and alone. Sometimes he uses sticks, sometimes he uses his bare hands.
Most of you have watched Jeff Corwin, I love his shows as well, and I have seen him handle hots with his bare hands as well. He just watches more closely and doesn't have that hypertension that Steve has when handling them. That excitement is what draws me to Steve's shows more than Jeff's, but I like them both. However,I do remember there was a couple episodes that Jeff screwed up and admitted it. Once when a mock viper bit him, he said "Now I really hope it is a mock viper or I"m dead." and the other when he was handling a viper and let it get too lose and it could have bit him right in the face, but instead it looked for the nearest tree branch to make a get away. He was rather relieved. So, I think it isn't just Steve. But right now Steve is one of the most popular figures in the herp world so of course he is going to get bad publisity.
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