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well I started when I was about 5, collecting insects from outside and keeping them in my room.. then we got fish.. after that I got a hamster, then gerbils, then cats, asked mom and dad for a snake, mom said "NO!!!!!!", moved out got a few birds, wasn't satisfied, got a new cat [mom wouldn't let me take the 'family' cats, and the other animals had died by this time over 10 years]. Well the new cat and a pair of finches wasn't good enough, but with a new baby [human] and a herpaphobic [I know that's not that right word] boyfriend [now ex] I couldn't get my snake, or lizard, or etc.., so we got a dog
A couple years when by and I left the boyfriend, I figured HEY why not get.. oh wait.. Im moving back to mom and dad's to go to college for a few years.. *sigh* no herp But the cat came [ex killed the finches saying they were too noisy, and dropped the dog off at the humane society when I was visiting my parents for Xmas]. I stayed at mom and dad's for about 6 months and then got married [no not the ex]. Turns out my hubby is into herps too.. so we talked about a snake, decided on nothing bigger than a BP, and then I was talking to a friend on day and he had to get rid of his cornsnake... cornsnake??? well I researched all I could and told him I'd take her, that was in January, then in March we got another corn [a male this time], then in April another 1.1 adult corns. By this time we figured we should invest in some rat to feed all these as f/t is too expensive, and we both like[d] rats.
So the mice we had as pets [I had a male before we got married and soon added a female], got fed to the snakes, along with all the babies that had grow big enough. Well then I saw some Leopard Geckos and we discussed those and now we have a 1.1 het for Blizzard pair.

So in total we've currently got 0.1 black cats, 1.0 Anery Cornsnakes, 1.0 Snow Cornsnales, 0.1 Amel Cornsnakes, 11 Cornsnake Eggs, 1.1 Leopard Geckos het for Blizzard, and 2.4 adults rats with about 40 1-5 day old pups.
We're looking for 1.1 BPs, and atleast 2 more 1.4 groups of Leopard Geckos. [if it was just me I've get 20 more leos and no snakes, the rats are beginning to bother me, although it could be the fact that I'm 30 weeks pregnant.]
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