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I started late with my adiction. My mother HATED snakes or anything that "crawls on it's belly". Somehow this included all reptiles (not sure of the logic there), but for the longest time I never thought of reptiles as pets. My wife (ex) worked in a few pet shops, so I got re-introduced to the pet world and started out with fish .. lots of fish. I had a 110 gallon home built tank and poured rediculous amounts of money into it. Then came birds .. lots of birds .. I think I was trying to make up for my deprived childhood .. I said deprived, NOT depraved !!! Then last year my daughter said we should get a snake. I did some searching on the web, found the Henry Piorun & Don Patterson and got all excited (Ya, well, at my age it doesn't take much ... for that matter, it never took much) We settled on a ball python, got the cage all set up, and brought home the new "kid". Now I'm spending like ten hours a day researching snakes and cages and materials, etc, etc (the movie industry out here sucks right now so I haven't worked in a few months .. a few too many months) and I'm waiting to get some money and get more .. more .. MORE!

It's okay .. I'm going to have some quiet time now.
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