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My addicition started with fish..... piranhas... started off with some red bellied piranhas.... then got a rhom, then some spilos, and a medenia.... I still have the spilo's and the rhom actually just gave my friend my medenia today (had to make room in my bedroom for the leo's i'm gettin this weekend)

So I had been keeping fish for awhile and I started talking to lindsey a lil more n more and she showed me pix of leopard geckos... I was hopeing to get one back in january at the expo but my mom would not hear of it.... well I got my frist leo a few weeks ago and the addiciton is CRAZY tommorow i'm picking up a small group of paternless leo's and on sat I pick up a pair of orange banded albino's thats enough for now.... heh well I lied.. i'm putting a depsosit down on some uroplatus next week LOL

but affter that I swear I told myself no more... at least no more this year... my rooms a mini zoo
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