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everybody has a lot of good points there i dont know a lot of people here and i never handled a hot myself and it will probably never happen . BWSmith you seem to know a lot about hots more then a lot of people here i hope that i did not offend you in any way cause it was not my intentions but you have a VERY good point by saying that people are stupid . lots of people want to give it a shot to see if they can do it like steve or any other crazy guy that does awesome stuff ... how many people have died trying to fly like superman or trying to do jumps with their cars or motorcycle like some daredevils . Its almost impossible to prevent peoples from doing stupid things like that but when it comes to children who is the person to blame ? i remember when i was a child i really wanted to be like adults that does cool stuff whoever they were but my mom was always there to put me back on my feet telling me that i shouldnt do stupid things like getting myself killed and she explained to me why ...

thats why i think its more about education from our parents than about some dude on tv doing crazy stuff

btw in my previous post by you i meant everyone i wasnt pointing at anyone in particular sorry if there was some misunderstanding
Life is like a grapefruit , wayyyyy better with sugar !!!

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