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But my thing is those things are true for a MILLION different TV shows.

I have read when someone handles hots with a hook after YEARS and years, the hook becomes like more than a tool, and you can learn to use it much like the extension of your own hand, your own body. You have to be able to, to use the effectively. I don't keep hots so not sure if this is true or not. But on the premise that it IS indeed like this, maybe Steve was handling hot snakes from the age of 12 without a hook. Maybe its at a point for him where he can't use a hook ? He doesn't know how to use a hook ?

Does that make any sense? Like obviously being in the public eye he should have changed his methods and he COULE learn, but I figure there must be SOME reason why he refuses/doesn't, and I highly doubt he started freehandling just for ratings, and I am sure he was doing long before anyone was watching him. So thats all I could come up with. I haven't ever heard his reasoning. Maybe someone else has.

I am curious as to why he hasn't been bitten as well. And I wonder if he ever will be bitten in the future.

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