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It all began 2 years ago. My boyfriend was really interested to have a snake and his mom didnt want him to have one in her house.
So he moved.
One day, he met a guy that had some snakes...
Another day, the guy called him and said: "hey man do you want a snake? I'll give you one."
He came, showed us the snake (African House), explained the big lines and made her eat in front of us with thawed food to show us how..

Then... we began to search more and more on the subject on the internet. I found some informations and pictures at first, on Brazilian Rainbow Boa...
So beautifull snake (picture below).
I never thought before, that a snake could be this beautifull.. So I kept on checking more pictures, got addicted.. :bugged:

We have now 12 snakes (3 brazilians rainbows and the adult female is now gravid :bounce: ), 1 golden gecko.

<img src="">
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