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imo, i think steve is a top fella! yes hes wacky and outlandish, but thats half the charm to him. ive heard so many stories about his show being faked, that he puts the snakes in fridges to cool them down and make them more calm. nonsense. when he was walking through the forest that had burnt down and he was finding skinks badly burnt or dead. that look in his eyes couldnt be faked. or the time he moved the 2 salties from small fould enclosures and moved them to new ones, he did that from a great love and respect fro reptiles. so what if some of his catches are set ups. mant natural history programs take months to film and these include several set ups. how many times do people see snakes eat in the wild? but how many shows have you seen that shows a snake eating.
oh well enough out of me for one night.
ps i think mark o'shea is another top bloke. slightly mad, but aren't we all. again he is another guy lucky enough to be on tv after years and years of hard work and low pay working in zoos
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