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first of all i think steve is doing a great job ... like he said in a lots of episodes all he wants to do is show us how beautiful these creatures are and that they are worth fighting for . he is not telling anyone that its a good thing to own a spitting cobra at home ... he is not telling anyone that snakes make good pets . he is just showing us what those snakes are . OK sometimes the way he handles some snakes can be really wild but lets not forget that some time he manage to calm down some really dangerous and aggressiv snakes . some will say HAAAA this is fake its impossible to do that with this species but who are you to say that anyway , probably none of us ever encountered a cobra in the wild so who are you to say thats not a good way to handle these species ... that is just the way he learned and he actually never got bitten . Once on the jeff corwin show they had a local guy with them to show them how to catch a king cobra with your bare hand ... he just puts his hand on top of the head of the cobra and push him down to the ground and then grabbed it ... that seemed really wild and crazy but the guy really seemed to know what he was doing and jeff was looking at him like WTF this is crazy but from my point of view it was a really good way to catch that snake but again none of us knows how these species respond to human in the wild and as for myself im not crazy enough to try to do all that stuff with venomous snakes after seeing what these guys are up to . so that is why i like steve cause he knows what he is doing and i can see some species of snakes that i will never be able to own and i also think that its not a good thing to criticise something that you dont know

like it or not thats my opinion
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