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No offense to anybody, but alot of you are condemning Steve Irwin, but you hold up Bill Haast as a god. I know that Bill Haast isnt on television everyday, but he still does his thing in front of tons of people at his shows.

Another thing is that Steve knows what he's doing. He grew up with these herps from day one and he knows how to handle them and when to back off. And I am having serious doubts that his snakes are venomoids. Thats just another urban legion that some moron whos jealous that he isnt as good as Steve made up. Some people have a way with animals that the rest of us cant have and Steve is one of the people. Wrestling crocs isnt as dangerous when you grew up with a dad like his and you practically lived with the crocs and know their dispositions. And I think he does a pretty good job of telling everybody that they should not do this and the only reason he can is because he is a professional at what he does.

I think what he does is absolutely awesome. Who cares if he finds the snakes first and then turns the cameras on. Thats not that big of a deal. Its a way of making the show run more smoothly. Nobody wants to watch 3 days worth of the crew walking around lifting logs while looking for snakes.

Anyways, thats my opinion. Feel free to disagree...

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