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I just kicked a guy out of chat because he got so out of line when we told him that feeding live was wrong. Here is some of what I hear:
1. The snake is aggressive, never gives the mouse a chance.
Reality--No one is quick enough to stop a pissed off mouse or rat from doing damage.

2. They will only eat live.
Reality--there are FEW species that will not accept pre-killed prey. Usually, it is because the owner does not have the patience to switch over.

3. I will watch, and if anything goes wrong, I can stop it.
Reeality--No, you can't. Damage will be done before you can react.

4. Well, in the wild, no one kills the prey for them.
Reality--In the wild, they can run if they need to. They are not confined to a feeding tote, or a cage.

I really don't think there is much debate on this, Chondro. Any responsible owner that cares for his/her pets will not feed live.

Scales, are you for real? Cutting the teeth out of live rats? Something that people forget here is that by feeding pre-killed prey, it also is more humane to the rat, as well. The rats are either put to sleep gently, or we smack them against something, killing them instantly. These are less painful ways to die then to have a snake grab it, then strangle it to death for a couple of minutes.

Just because it is our pet, does not mean that we should be any less humane to other live animals. I have no problem in killing rats and mice; I do it repectfully. I could never imagine cutting the teeth off of a live rat...that is horrible!!

There, Chondro. If you wanted a debate, I might of just started one.
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