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I applaud Snake Lady, because she hit the nail on the head, so to speak. It is all about ratings.

Why do people watch racing? For the wrecks, of course. Why do we watch open-heart operations on TV? To see the grossness from a safe place. Why do we watch horror films? The list goes on.

Lets admit it, people. We love Steve Irwin because he is so crazy, and each minute that goes by, you anticipate him getting nailed by a rattler or a croc. We FEED on this! The fact that he does this with some of the most dangerous creatures on this earth, in an educating way, just adds to the uphoria.

BW, you may not like some of his handling techniques, and I can understand that, knowing you and what you try to do to re-educate the public, but I still have to give him credit. He has found his "niche", and is working it well. He helps with conservation, zoos, education, and general knowledge. But, lets not forget one thing. He has been doing this for awhile now, handling all these animals, and he is still alive. You can edit all you want, but those ARE his hands on these cobras, mambas, croc's, and komodos.
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