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I think Steve Irwin has done a lot for herpetology and to make people appreciate reptiles more. So what if a lot of the scenes are set up... it's show business too you know. Gotta make it entertaining to keep people glued to the sets. Kids love him and I think thats his main target audience. These kids will grow up to appreciate reptiles like he does and maybe they will become the next David Attenboroughs. I personally would rather watch Mark O'Shea, Jeff Corwin (thats one funny bloke!) and there is this other guy Bredle who calls himself the Barefoot Bushman. But you gotta give Steve his props for what he is doing.

You can have world respected people like David Attenborough watching Komodo Dragons through binoculars talking about them and then you have Steve pulling a hook out of ones mouth and being chased up a tree! lol. You gotta admit.. it's entertaining and when I am entertained I learn more and I appreciate more.

I agree with Zoe.. what the hells up with Terry's hair? bloody hell! Looks like she walked out a of a 1970s trailer park!
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