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The way I see it we can not forget that he needs ratings to keep his show on the air. So he needs to catch the attention of ppl.

Now I have seen him use hooks on many occasions.
I have also seen him back away from some snakes cause he knew it was a high risk just for a camara
Who know how many logs he turned and repeted that line B4 finding the snake he was looking for.
And we were not the one stoping a common brown in his tracks with our bare feet at (9 years old)

And kids want to grow up and be like him it is up to the parents to watch the show with there kids and say ''you see
he is a pro. and you can not do that yet you need to go to school to be like him'' when the 18-20 year old gets to university and starts to learn all the proper methods he/she will be able to meet steeve Irwin and say ''you were my Idol man but you are just crazy.''

steeve has a collection and he is doing what he needs to do to keep in thriving. In the process he educates ppl.
why complain? He is just doing what he has to do.
Count your fingers b4 and after feeding anything over 10feet!

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