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...Personally, I think Irwin shouldn't of gotten out of his main interest. Crocodilians. I aw very little things he did wrong with them.. Besides getting bit on the foot but accidents happen especially 9' Porosus worth of adrenaline... And for the post on jumping gators and crocs, when you have worked with these animals you'll understand, and for stealing eggs.. He's permitted to. Besides the taking of the eggs and artificially incubating them has given nearly 100% hatch rate to Gators and Salties. Irwin was my favorite then because he wasn't worried about ratings and makig money. He was drawn into it..
Him and hot snakes do not match for obvious reasons..
And by the way Dr. Brady Barr is my favorite. The only thing I don't like is the fact that he often uses a barbed spear to catch crocodilians.. But he's new, given time I sure he'll rule over..
(Adam Britton is my dad)
All in all I like all the intertaining herpers as well as hate them..
ps.. I hate the fact I have to retype a word several times to make it correct on these fourms.. Whats with that?
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