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You know its his recklessness that has made him so popular and famous and therefore opening the eyes to non herpers in helping them understanding them and with that see the beauty in these quite misunderstood creatures. Everyone who sees the show thinks to themselves "Oh my god this guy is insane!"
The kids love it I see kids that want to grow up and be just like him which I think is great and an excellent oppertunity for the adults to inform them of how crazy Steve realy is. I too would be scared if a bunch of kids after seeing his show ran outside with sticks to play with rattle snakes. But most likely 9 times outta 10 the kids who live in rattlesnake areas have developed an early respect/fear of them and know to give them their space or should be supervised by the parents outside until they do develop the propper respect/ fear of them.
I guess I could go both ways I can see him both being a good and bad influence on kids, I say kids because adults should know better
Wheather its fake... I realy dont care. I mean how would you like it if you watched him wonder around and found nothing durring the whole show. Actually it could be sorta funny in a boring kinda way But I see no problem if they go out search for the animals ahead of time and afterwards do the scenes. I also dont think it matters to me if they take the animals from the zoo and plant them there and do the segments. I still get to drool over the different species laugh at his stupidity and hope just once I get to see him get nipped from being overly arrogant with the handling. I love it when a little lizzard attaches its self to Steves nose!
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