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Well I agree that I don't like some of his tactics like making the cobra regurge another cobra so he can show it on TV. It might be a little staged. Think about it no snake = no show. He probably has a group of people looking then does commentary after it's found. But you can't stage some of the things he does like moving crocs. It can't be staged because they can't be predicted. He is not my favorite but all I have to say is watch the episode were he rescues those crocs in Indo from they're discusting garbage ridden mud puddles and puts them in a brand new facility with a trained staff. That he paid for. If that doesn't at least make you respect or like him a little then you aren't a true herp lover. He does tons of rescues and conservation efforts. His good far out ways the bad! His snake handling techniques are a little primative but remember were he is from and how he learned. It wasn't in a controled environment. But I agree that he should broaden his handeling equipment (stick vs snake hook) but if that is what he is comfertable with it and used to it then I can see why ( I don't agree though). Lets not forget that he has never been bitin. True or not. He still handels a lot of hots successfully. We might not agree but we aren't lisenced herpitologists (sp). Remember the Yin and the Yang. With every good there is a little bad. With every bad there is a little good. That's what keeps it all balanced. He does more good then bad. Anyways I'm done.-Tim.

By the way I agree with a lot of what you guys have said. I am not trying to dispute it. Just look beyond it for a second. And how come no ones fav. is O'Shea or Brady Barr? No National Geographic channel?
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