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It happens from time to time with some of the animals in my collection, however my female hog routinely strikes at outside movement through her cage. If I get up at night and walk past her cage you just hear a big "thwack!", or anytime within 48 or so hours after a meal :flick:.

Originally posted by fateamber
No, if they are shedding they can't see properly, so they don't know if they are striking at food or at a person.
Hehehe... half the time when their vision is at its prime they still can't tell if they are striking at a person or food... if that was the case then there would never be feeding response bites Main reasons they sometimes get edgy while they are in shed is not only are they feeling uncomfortable, but also the fact that they are nearly blind makes them more defensive than they would be ordinarily. Many snakes will refuse to feed while opaque, however they are more prone to strike. :medvampir
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