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We use that photo as an example why we do not feed live.

We also have an old male boa that used to be a stage prop for a "crackhead stripper" (their words, not mine) until an equally upstanding pair of people adopted him. Wanting to watch him KILL something, the morons bought the biggest hamster they could find. It bit the poor snake as he was trying to KILL it, and he had a huge festering abcess on his face when he was dumped off at the rescue. Six months later, he needed to have surgery to remove a piece of infected bone. The only reason we spent over a grand on this snakes medical bills is that in spite of what has happened to him, he still likes people. (There are days I don't like people!) He is on the mend, and still incredibly sweet, but his scars tell the story. Everyone who sees him asks "What happened to his face??
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