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Steve Erwin A Fake?

i watch croc hunter all the time and i see all the ******** things he does withs hots. i remember seeing this somewhere but i cant remember where. someone said he uses venomoids and most of the show is setup. i thought about it while watching him handle a bunch of hots like a total moron. any respectable herper wouldnt run up to a wild hot and grab it by the tail and play with it "what a beauty" and i notice how they have the camera focused on the snake before steve even sees it, then it shows him running over to where the camera is acting like he just found it. imo that show is total bull and loads of it is setup, not all but most. and the way he wrestlers with gators! omg he must be on something to run and tackle a gator or steal their eggs. he also claims he hasnt been envenomated, with the way he handles those hots that is suprising. i guess he doesnt count being bitten by a void then. im gonna stick to jeff corwin he isnt as ******** and fake s steve.
to think that loser was my hero a few years back......
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