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Well my house caught on fire litteraly!

Yep the garage caught on fire. no one was hurt only a bike 3 extension cords and a hose were burnt. when I opened the garage and it was BLACK with smoke it was flooding out. first I told my sister called 911 grabbed my ball python put him in a rubbermaid tub grabbed my southern pine snakes my jcp and my leo and got out the door they sat outside for a couple of hours in 55 degree weather so I hope there all ok. my room is RIGHT next to the garage so they would have surely been burnt quickly if it had spread and no one noticed. luckly I did All the dogs are scared S#$@ less and so was I couldnt get my cham's out So i was forced to leave them since there cage is big and heavy and they wont let me pick them up. luckly no smoke was in my room or at least not much so they should be fine.
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