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In milder weather you may not want to use heat packs... if it is in between you can use a hot water bottle insulated in several layers of newspaper so the heat lasts longer. I know we've had several days here at 30 degrees (C) so far... definitely too hot for heat packs :firestart Both WestJet and AC will ship collect. WestJet has a flat rate of $56 for anywhere in Canada, AC prices vary depending on location and weight. As everyone's already mentioned, one of the most important packaging details is that your box is well insulated, in both hot and cold weather. This way there are no sudden temperature changes for the animals to undergo... and your animals will have an easier time dealing with excessively warm or cool temps outside of their box. To make sure everything doesn't get jumbled around, pack any empty space in the shipping box with crumpled up newspaper. This will keep everything in its proper place. Make sure the exterior of your box is well marked with the person's contact information, contents of box (ie- LIVE <u>HARMLESS</u> LIZARD), and handling instructions (ie- this side up, fragile, temperature it should be kept at, etc). Hope this helped
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