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When I ship I use a regular box but I cut styrophoam to fit the box all around the sides, bottom, and top. I put four corner holes for air flow in the top piece of styrophoam. I pack the beardie in a nice deli cup with lots of air holes and put paper towel scrumpled up for different hights in the deli cup incase the baby wants to get away from the heat. The heat pack goes under the deli and then I used newspaper to pack everything in place in the box so the deli cup will not move around in transport. Cut 4 small holes in each corner of the box same possitions of the ones in the styrophoam. I then tape up the box. Oh and make sure to put arrows so they know which side is up. I put fragile stickers on the sides and the top of the box and also mark on the box "Live Baby Lizard". I use west jet for shipping. I have never used c.o.d. I always get the money for shipping and box fee (cost of heat pack and styrophoam) with the purchase of the animals. West jet will give you an estimate with box size and weight. Or if it is small they will give you a flat rate. It is pretty simple. You go to cargo about a half hour before the flight leaves and sign a couple papers to make sure you aren't sending a bomb or something and then your beardies will be on their way.
Hope I covered everything for you.
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