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They wanted cartoony for a reason - so it would print well.
You can still desing it very high res and drop it for the web. Why would anyone need to print the logo off the site? If someone needs it, they could email to get an original High Res.

If you want Jeff to listen to your suggestions, explain them.
Actually, It doesn't really affect me. I am offering sugesstions because I do graphic design about every day for my company. The logo is not going to deter anyone from coming, including me. But I will explain.

1. It is way to tall. Cut it to 2/3 it's current height
It looks big and clunky. A logo or header should be something people see and remember but should not be the focal point of a page.

2. Lose the cartoony stuff. Some really cool things can be done with photoshop with regular pics
Like I said, it looks too cartoony for me. It makes me think that if I click on it, I will be taken to Disney's website. Again, no offense to the designer of the python, it IS one of the most accurate depictions I have seen drawn electronically. And trust me, I know how long it takes to draw on PS from scratch.

3. Lose the scales background, it looks morelike mosaic glass, scales have a pattern
That pretty much explains it. It does not look like scales to me. It looks like a grayscale mosaic. It looks more "church" to me than "herp". A herp piece simplified and grayscaled and added to the background as a water mark woul look better to me. Or event he site name in the sam fasion.

4. PLEASE change the font. Actually, I think "" should have 3 fonts. www and com in one, the first and last "s" in another and SNAKES in another.
That is pretty clear. The font looks like a memo. there are about 10,000 fonts out there. And you would be amazed how much the subtle differences can have an impact.

And personally, I've seen tons of photoshopped stuff. Maybe it's because I'm interested in drawing, but I prefer something hand-drawn (well) over just another photoshopped image anyday
That is fine. Alot of people are like that. Particularly when people critisize their work. I am the same way. But I am the opposite. I think the beauty of the true object is far better than any "interpretaion" man can make.
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