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I think the Python looks great! It is alittle "cartoony" but you can't really help that. Still one of the best drawn snakes on the net. But I still don't like the banner. So I will be bluntly honest for a minute and probably offend a few people:

1. It is way to tall. Cut it to 2/3 it's current height
2. Lose the cartoony stuff. Some really cool things can be done with photoshop with regular pics
3. Lose the scales background, it looks morelike mosaic glass, scales have a pattern
4. PLEASE change the font. Actually, I think "" should have 3 fonts. www and com in one, the first and last "s" in another and SNAKES in another.

To me, it looks like I am entering a kid's site. If that is the intent then so be it.

Again, not trying to offend anyone who worked on it. I do alot of graphic design and I know how frustrating it is to work on a project for couple weeks just to have it sh'tcanned. But these are my honest opinions.

One more thing, can we have a nav link at the bottomt o get back to forums so you do not have to scroll all the way to the top to get back?
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