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Papa Joe,

I don't know if you have any herps now; I hope you don't.

Research, research, RESEARCH!! That is the VERY FIRST step in acquiring a new animal. You have to read all that you can, and be very knowledgable to all aspects of keeping them. You must be sure of what you are getting into, the feeding costs, the medical costs, the longevity, the husbandry costs, etc. Most of the reasons why people have such a negative reaction to reptiles as pets is in part due to those that get these animals, then have no idea on how to care for them. So many of us know this for a fact for all the rescue work we do.

I am not trying to sound harsh, but if you are asking us how much it will cost you to get the animal and all the husbandry items, it is obvious that you have not given this much thought. If you are asking us to answer these simple questions, then should we expect future questions on care, shedding, feeding, housing, medical problems, and so on? I have seen enough rescues and animals in deplorable conditions to last a lifetime--and most are caused by those that do not take the time and the responsibility to educate themselves on thier new pet.

You need to first think of what it is you want, then do a search on the internet, or read similar posts here on this site. Make sure it is what you want, and make sure you know ALL aspects of care for it. When you have this accomplished, THEN go to a pet store and see if they have what you want.

Buying a pet on a "spur of the moment" thing may make you feel better, but it could ultimately cause death to your pet.

Any help you may need in this decision, just ask. But, before you do, educate yourself a little. Asking such a question as you did will not get anyone to take you seriously.
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